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Anastrozole is a very effective drug to prevent all the side effects that are not pleasant for us. Its key components prevent water retention, gynecomastia and others. But its action is much more effective than Tamoxifen because it is based on a different principle, it prevents aromatization itself, blocking the synthesis of estrogen.

The action of the drug suppresses aromatization, which reduces its activity by 80-90% of the initial level. The main difference from other drugs of similar action is its high efficiency and speed of action. After use, the concentration of the substance becomes maximum in a couple of hours, almost completely blocking the aromatization process.

Anastrozole has a long period of action about (40-50 hours), and even in small doses, it is very effective in preventing the phenomena of feminization in athletes. The drug does not affect the secretion of its own testosterone in any way. Dosage of more than 1 mg per day for a long time is not recommended!

The drug should be used from the beginning of the course to prevent or prevent side effects. The optimal dosage is 0.25 – 1 mg per day. It is best to take the drug in the morning on an empty stomach, which will allow faster and much better absorption in the body. The maximum concentration of the substance is reached 2 hours after taking it.

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