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Anastrozol AL is an inhibitor of aromatase, the enzyme that causes testosterone to be converted into estradiol.

When used with anabolic drugs, Anastrazolos minimizes the side effects of estrogen.

Anastrozol AL controls the level of this female sex hormone, more Anastrozol AL promotes free growth of testosterone and with proper dosages the remedy is perfectly tolerated by the body.

The use of aromatase inhibitor is not recommended for beginners in sports disciplines, it should be used by athletes with experience in the use of potent anabolic and androgenic steroids. In sports practice, this drug can be taken both during and after the course of anabolic drugs. Those athletes who are interested in anastrozole how to take on a course need to know that this aromatase inhibitor can be used in two cases:

the use of aromatase inhibitor as a prophylactic against gynecomastia and other symptoms of aromatization 0.5 mg – half a tablet every other day;
in case of specific estrogenic adverse reactions from the use of anabolic and androgenic means – 1 mg of the drug is used daily and in such dosages continues until the symptoms of aromatization disappear, then therapeutic doses are used.

The duration of anastrozole intake should not exceed two weeks – this time is enough for the aromatase inhibitor to show all its useful qualities and not cause undesirable adverse reactions.

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