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Anastrozol (Anastrozol) is a well-loved anti-estrogen drug, originally used exclusively by medical professionals to treat breast cancer, but later it was also used in bodybuilding.
Anastrozole is a very strong inhibitor, 1 mg of the active ingredient is able to reduce the content of estradiol by 85%. It is not worth putting anastrozole and tamoxifen in the same row, the effects are completely different.

Effects of taking anastrozole

  • Effective aromatization suppression;
  • Powerful anti-estrogen;
  • Strong blocker;
  • Capable of knocking down estradiol concentration levels right off course within 2 hours;
  • Excretes and prevents water retention.

How to take it correctly

In bodybuilding, you should take anastrozole on a course for no more than 2 weeks. The reception begins immediately, as the first signs of increased aromatization were detected. For athletes with low levels of estradiol in the blood, 0.25 mg of the active substance every other day (this is a quarter of a tablet) will be enough.

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